• 5xt


  • Typ:
  • 2-drożna, szerokopasmowa
  • Tryb zasilania (pracy):
  • Full Range
  • Pasmo przenoszenia (-10dB):
  • 95-20000 Hz
  • Maks. ciśnienie akustyczne:
  • 119 dB
  • Dyspersja współosiowa:
  • 110 °
  • Komponent (LF):
  • 5"
  • Komponent (HF):
  • 1"
  • Impedancja:
  • 16 Ω
  • Moc:
  • 85 W
  • Złącza:
  • SpeakON® 4-pol (2), zaciski śrubowe (2)
  • Elementy montażowe:
  • gniazdo 3/8" do statywu mikrofonowego, dwa gniazda M6 dla opcjonalnego uchwytu ETR5
  • Wymiary (WxSxG):
  • 165 x 165 x 165 mm
  • Waga:
  • 3,5 kg
  • Obudowa:
  • sklejka brzozy bałtyckiej
  • Wykończenie:
  • tekstura szarobrązowa RAL8019® lub biała RAL9010® lub kolor RAL wg indywidualnego zamówienia
  • Grill:
  • stalowy z pokryciem antykorozyjnym

  • Passive 2-way enclosure
  • Short throw applications (distributed and fills)
  • 110° conical directivity with smooth off-axis radiation
  • Microphone stand or U-Bracket mount
  • LF extension with SB15m
  • LA4/LA8 control and protection
  • Grey brown, pure white + architectural RAL program

The 5XT is an ultra-compact enclosure from the L-ACOUSTICS® XT coaxial series.

The 5XT loudspeaker enclosure is based on a 2-way passive design with a nominal impedance of 16 ohms. It contains a 1" diaphragm compression driver coaxially-loaded by a 5» low-mid frequency transducer mounted in a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. The cabinet is made of first grade Baltic birch plywood to ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity. A 3/8" insert for a microphone stand and two M6 inserts for the ETR5 flying bracket are integrated into the cabinet.

The 5XT operates over a frequency range of 95 Hz to 20 kHz. This response can be extended down to 40 Hz with the SB15m subwoofer. The coaxial transducer arrangement produces a 110° axi-symmetric directivity output along with a smooth tonal response free of secondary lobes over the entire frequency range.

Its design makes the 5XT perfectly suited to various sound reinforcement applications, as a main or fill system.

The 5XT enclosure is driven and amplified by the LA4 or the LA8 controller with a single factory preset. This ensures linearization, protection, and optimization for the loudspeaker system.

5XT SPS EN 2.0 5XT_SPS_EN_2.0.pdf (3,307.1 kB)